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Timothy L Drobnick Sr. has been an innovator and inventor on the internet since 1995. Tim creates FIRST TIME amazing tools that takes others a long while to DUPLICATE. For example, Tim invented:

1. The first internet newsletter that created over $200,000 in profit from 1995 to 1997.

2. One of the first easy self creating website systems with 80,000 clients in 1997.

3. The first online shopping mall with over 1,200 merchants in 1997.

4. The first self-replicating banner advertising system that served over ONE billion banner views in 1998.

5. The first "Be your own ISP" software and marketing system that helped over 1,000 people start their own webhosting and dialup business from home in 1999.

6. The invention and network of the "Home Town Portal" that operated in 13 countries with 1,000 local directors in 2005.

7. The first and only to build a website and marketing service, Sound Off, to give away absolutely free business opportunity leads in 2007. This service had over 50,000 users and was very well known through out the business opportunity world. Even Today Tim will get stopped on the street from someone saying they used to be in Sound Off.

8. A Pennysaver Newspaper ONLINE, that has over 1.2 million users and over half a billion views in 2016.

What thousands of people know is, when Tim invents something, IT WORKS AND HAS THE EDGE ON THE COMPETITION! You should take advantage of this TWEET technology NOW!

Tim Meets Georgetta Monroe

In 2011 Tim met Georgetta Monroe online. Georgetta became the TOP MARKETER for Tim's products. In addition she was VERY STEADY AND RELIABLE IN BUSINESS. Georgetta voluntarily helped with support online for Tim's products. TIM WAS IMPRESSED!

In 2016 Tim made Georgetta his business partner for the internet business. Their first project together was City Pennysaver which was a big success.

Georgetta provides INNOVATION, fantastic online CUSTOMER SUPPORT, is a MOTIVATOR, and brings her UNIQUE INTERNET MARKETING SKILLS to the team.

Georgetta makes these online tools and inventions 113% BETTER than with TIM BY HIMSELF.


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First SALE is PAID to YOU. Second to ADMIN. 50% OVERALL paid to you.

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This website,, is owned by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. and Georgetta Monroe who have been full time internet marketers for decades. They are very well known for providing advertising services that operate successfully for years and providing live support to their customers.

Your sponsor is Derrick Nylander.